Paedophile ordered to pay victim 24m dollars in damages after she said he abused her

Paedophile ordered to pay victim 24m dollars in damages after she said he abused her

Paedophile who was abused as a child is to be paid £3.5million after he was allowed to escape jail.

A judge at the Old Bailey heard how the 25-year-old man was convicted and ordered to p더킹카지노ay the victim 24 million pounds by the judge.

The court heard how a 15-year-old girl told the judge that a man, who was jailed for eight years, forced himself on her when she was 12.

In 2012 the mother told a judge that the man had raped her twice and then attacked her 12-year-old daughter, according to the Mail.

A number of victims are hoping that the judge will make that promise.

The man is known tjarvees.como the girl after having sexual relationship with her while she was under his protection for 12 years as she began working as a waitress.

She said in a statement to police: 'There is a young girl I know whose father is a paedophile. She was not invited to his house.

'She is currently working as a waitress.

'I would be lying if I said I didn't think that being abused in my home was much more than I would ever tolerate from any man and that it was something I should not be comfortable with in my everyday life.

'I am hoping that the judge will now make a decision that his past and today's behaviour will be subject to criminal prosecution and if he pleads guilty, he will pay the victim her entire £3.5million.'

The boy was so upset at being ordered to pay, that he told the judge he didn't want the money

She said: 'I had no idea when I started working for the man that I'd had a sexual relationship with him. It wasn't one of those relationships where we had sex in my home.

'I didn't tell my dad; I didn't tell anyone. He had already told me that I shouldn't tell anyone and that my father was responsible for what was happening to me.

'I'm trying to get his hand because I'm upset at all the money that is going to him. I would beg people to forgive me and I don't think any man can do what he did to me.더킹카지노'

The girl's mum and her sister also told the court that the boy raped them when they were younger.

And that the man then assaulted and abused them too when the

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