Polycystic ovary syndrome guidelines to help diagnosis treatment

Polycystic ovary synd바카라rome guidelines to help diagnosis treatment

The condition of cystic ovary syndrome refers to the combination of factors that causes severe weight loss, particularly in women with a history of obesity.

The World Health Organization defines cystic ovary syndrome as:

A severe weight loss with a high risk of serious medical problems, including infertility. The syndrome is classified into two types. The most common is cystic ovary syndrome (COS). COS is characterized by loss of one or more ovaries, the loss of one or more uterus, or the loss of a full or partial pituitary gland. Other characteristics include the presence바카라 of 바카라사이트abnormalities of pregnancy, or a significant risk of endometrial rupture or malabsorption of milk. Treatment is often very limited.

If you have not seen a doctor for a weight-loss diagnosis and are concerned about possible fertility problems, talk to your healthcare provider.

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